Controlled Violence

by Flatline

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released April 24, 2017

All music written and composed by Flatline.

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Reece Hayden at Bay Ten Studios.

Artwork by Thomas Winfield.

Additional thanks to Dan Wilson of Stranded and Josh Green of Full Contact for their features.



all rights reserved


Flatline England, UK

Thank you to everyone who supported this band.

2015 - 2017.

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Track Name: Controlled Violence
My hand on your throat, I feel your breath leave
I always said, I'd leave you breathless
Your life in my hands and I am reckless

I admit a fear of vacation from what is known to what is learnt,
and with my new graduation, I've had enough
Before sinking into realisation,
I've learned to hate my destination wherever the fuck that it was
I had to lie to force the truth

Comfort in lies is all that ever suits you,
Keep repeating your ways, you're becoming see through
Selfish but powerless, you're contradicting you
Be wary of greed, as it slowly consumes

Getting to old to keep up the fight,
It's getting dark, I'm losing sight
Giving up's not a part of me
Fight til the end, you'll never defeat me

All this drama, has got me down
I just want this week to be over now
Can't separate this feeling that I'm letting shit go
I'm afraid of failure and the risks involved

Controlled Violence. I've reached my biting point, don't vex me out.

I don't wanna be a walking joke,
I hope you can't stop laughing and you fucking choke, HA!
Sick and tired of blowing smoke up my mind
You're a cheap shot, asshole and a failure by design

You talk that shit, I don't have the time.
I know you better than you know the knife in my spine.
Track Name: Speak (feat. Dan Wilson)
Frail words collapse,
Danger, their plans are in motion,
A expression of that public oppression
That they grew tired of,
That bullets in motion
An exploitation of,
that public opinion
that they love to corrupt

Who are you to keep talking that shit,
like you've been here before with your standards split

Stranded. Flatline. Worcester Hardcore in your fucking face
This is Controlled Violence motherfuckers...

You don't know shit, you never did
Still believe what you heard, you never questioned it
All you ever had was a false sense of perception,
Through blurry eyes with clouded visions
Track Name: Human Trafficking (feat. W££N)
When hate was born I cut my hand on a thorn,
and now I don't know whether I can do this anymore,
They say that ignorance is bliss,
but there's a consequence for everything,

That's when
That's when it popped a screw loose
Deep in that atmosphere
Shit got you spooked, never again

Deeper into that atmosphere
The root of evil continues to grow

You're confusing your wants for needs,
inside your head
You're confusing your wants for needs,
Human Trafficking

You're confusing your wants for your needs
cut from a different cloth we ain't the same breed,
positive minds the keys-to succeed
but depression is all that seems to find me
Slit my throat it's my time to bleed
bury me in the fground and plant me like a seed
Death in the only way that I'll be free
Death is the only way that I'll be free.

Yeah yeah, gang gang
Full Fucking Contact, Flatline
East Mids to West Mids all fucking day. Yeah.

Burn this legislation.
Burn this legislation.